Version 0.3.4 of mobl has been released. Mobl is a language for rapid development of mobile web applications using HTML5 technologies. Programs written in the mobl language are compiled to a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS and can run on any webkit browser, specifically those on iOS and Android devices.

New in this version compared to 0.3.3:

  • Various bug fixes
  • New basic mobl::i18n library. This enables the use of strings in applications using non-ASCII characters (you cannot currently use unicode in mobl code), e.g. Japanese. It has two functions: fetchLanguageBundle and _ (to lookup a key in the language file). Use as follows:

    application myapp
    import mobl::i18n
    import mobl::ui::generic
    resource lang/japanese.json
    screen root() {
      script {
      label(_("greeting", ["Zef Hemel"]))

    The lang/japanese.json file contains something like this (%% are replaced with items from _‘s second argument array of strings):

      "title": "日本語",
      "greeting": "こんにちは %%"

To install, follow these instructions. To upgrade, simply upgrade from the update site (Via Help > Install new software).