Version 0.3.6 of mobl has been released. Mobl is a language for rapid development of mobile web applications using HTML5 technologies. Programs written in the mobl language are compiled to a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS and can run on any webkit browser, specifically those on iOS and Android devices.

New in this version since 0.3.5:

  • Bug fixes (thanks to people on the Google Group!)
  • Dynamic object literals (equivalent to the Javascript {property: value, property2: value2} syntax):

    var obj : Dynamic = Dynamic(name="Zef", age=27);
  • Screen sliding animation, when switching between screens (currently not yet hardware accelerated), here’s a demo.

  • JQuery now inherits from Dynamic, so that you can call aribtrary jQuery methods (including jQuery UI methods).
  • Optimized script loading.

To install, follow these instructions. To upgrade, simply upgrade from the update site (Via Help > Install new software). To use the mobl compiler from the command line follow these instructions.